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      in Brownsville, Texas, USA

      JEREMYGREENEFAN101 writes : At the tender age of twenty-two, Ne-Yo possesses lyrical and musical talent that are far beyond his years. Born int...

      Paranormal Activity
      in El Paso, TX

      ddoginsidefilm writes : amazing horror movie. just fantastic!

      Dane Cook
      in Calgary, Alberta, CAN

      mayaya writes : it all started with "monopoly". i was in school with my two friends and we started listening to dane cook. ...

      Dane Cook
      in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

      au1257208285 writes : Dane Cook is amazing. One of the funniest comedians I've ever heard. Need I say more?

      in Tampa metro area

      ToxicKris writes : I would love to see Paramore in Tampa. They are so awesome. :X

      in Los Angeles metro area

      asdfjklDAINA writes : Paramore is an amazingly nice band and I wish they'd come to LA soon!

      Dane Cook
      in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

      nolecutie06 writes : COME ON EVERYBODY!!! WHO DOESN'T WANNA SEE DANE COOK LIVE?! I can't drive by Burger King or hear a car alarm withou...

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